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The enneagram

The story is told...

This story tells us that when we feel we need help because we are stuck or in pain, healing may lie in applying our true name. Our true name was called REN by the Egyptians, who regarded it as one of the five aspects of the soul; it comprised the identity of the soul and everything that had shaped that identity. The enneagram is a shortcut to finding out our true name (who and what we truly are); it raises our self-awareness. It thus accelerates and facilitates our healing and with that our effectiveness in the world and our emotional and spiritual growth. Our enneagram type represents both our personality and that which is hidden behind our personality type, namely our essence - our true name.

In ancient Egypt the goddess Isis saw that the ageing sun god Ra, who ruled over gods and men, was no longer kind to the earth - he came too near and scorched it, so that people suffered from heat and extended droughts that caused great hardship. But she needed some of Ra's power to help the people whom she pitied. So she followed Ra on his daily journey across the sky and collected some of his spittle that dropped on the earth. She kneaded the saliva into clay, fashioned a snake and left in on Ra's path. And lo and behold, Ra was bitten by the snake. Its venom burnt through his body. He trembled violently and was cold and hot in turn. And as the venom contained some of Ra's own spittle, he was helpless against it. Sweating and shaking, he begged the other gods to relieve his agony. They came, weeping and wailing, but they could not help him.

Isis, goddess of healing and magic, told Ra she could cure him only if he revealed his true name - the secret name that gave him his power. Ra tried every trick to get out of this, but Isis was not fooled. At last, unable to bear the pain burning up his body, Ra whispered the secret name. Isis spoke healing incantations over Ra's body together with his true name and he was cured. 

What is the enneagram?


-defines 9 personality types nuanced by wings, arrows and subtypes

-grows self-awareness, which leads to greater accountability

-raises EQ levels - you understand yourself and also others as they are in themselves, not as you see them from your limited 40 degrees angle 

-will make you infinitely more effective - and powerful - in the workplace and at home.

-shows you the way out of the box you put yourself in through all the buffers you have built in self-defence and the automatic responses you have cultivated to help you navigate the world


Enneagram Basic: getting to know yourself; finding out what is your chief challenge  - the good, the bad and the ugly - but also what gifts you bring to the world.
Enneagram Advanced: seeing how your type is "coloured" by your subtype and how this tends to play out in your relationships, work and finances.  
Enneagram for Growth: understanding the levels of development and how these show up in your life; practical ways for growth for your particular type, showing you the way out of the "box". 

Enneagram at Work (1): motivations and behaviour of the 9 types at work.

Enneagram at Work (2) Applying your understanding of the types to your relationships with colleagues.

Enneagram and Relationships: see ONCE-OFF SESSIONS


Enneagram workshops

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