Enneagram workshops


Enneagram Basic: getting to know yourself; finding out what is your chief challenge  - the good, the bad and the ugly - but also what gifts you bring to the world.
NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday 10 August 2019 OR Saturday 17 August 2019*(You can attend either of the two; the first one is over a long weekend.)
Enneagram Advanced: seeing how your type is "coloured" by your subtype and how this tends to play out in your relationships, work and finances. NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday 31 August 2019.* 
Enneagram for Growth: understanding the levels of development and how these show up in your life; practical ways for growth for your particular type, showing you the way out of the "box". NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday 7 September 2019.*

Enneagram at Work (1): motivations and behaviour of the 9 types at work.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday 21 September 2019.*

Enneagram at Work (2) Applying your understanding of the types to your relationships with colleagues.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday 5 October 2019.*

*ALL WORKSHOPS RUN FROM 14:00 TO 17:00 (try to arrive between 13:30 and 13:45 so we can start at 14:00). Cost for the Basic Enneagram workshop: R400. All other workshops: R350 each.


THE BASIC ENNEAGRAM WORKSHOP IS A REQUIREMENT FOR REGISTERING FOR ANY OTHER WORKSHOP. (If you have done the basic workshop with me before, you obviously don't have to do it again.)

Enneagram and Relationships: see ONCE-OFF SESSIONS

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What is the enneagram?


-defines 9 personality types nuanced by wings, arrows and subtypes

-grows self-awareness, which leads to greater accountability

-raises EQ levels - you understand yourself and also others as they are in themselves, not as you see them from your limited 40 degrees angle 

-will make you infinitely more effective - and powerful - in the workplace and at home.

-shows you the way out of the box you put yourself in through all the buffers you have built in self-defence and the automatic responses you have cultivated to help you navigate the world